1 Week Out

It’s t-minus one week to Memorial Day weekend. Are you ready?!

In true American form, I’ll be adventuring out on the road. A four day trip; nine hours of driving way. With this being the last weekend before the trip, there is plenty to get done. Here’s what I’m up to, and my “one week out checklist.”

Ready the Ride

There is no way around it: a safe and functioning car. A quick run of the vacuum and some Armor All will make sure the car is comfortable. The important part is the mechanics. Oil change time! We’ll fill up the wiper fluid. Check the tire pressure. All important.

Planning the Packing

When you drive somewhere, there are far fewer restrictions on what you can pack. There’s no weight limit, or size requirements (per say) for baggage. But just because you can bring everything you own, doesn’t mean you should.

Four days, in decently hot weather, with walking planned, I’ll be packing two outfits for each day. Day and evening. As few shoes as possible. Some laundry soap for delicates. Not a blow dryer — because I called to make sure I don’t have to. (Really, if you have a question, just call.) Should be able to manage a carry on sized bag and be good. But planning what I’m going to wear is well under way. What should I pack, and what will I wear this week for work? Why is this important? Laundry.

The Supplies

We’re bringing a map. A real paper (ok, its laminated) map. Of course we have GPS –I’m a waze enthusiast. But when I’m unsure where I’m going, or (shock, no shock) my phone dies, the trip continues. I also like the idea of a map, so it’s coming. A cooler for drinks and good snacks. If you don’t bring the foods and drinks you want, you’ll be forced to eat and drink what you can find. And while that’s fun, that’s also risky when your trapped in the car with someone.

There will be some last minute scrambling. Because always.

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