Just stop freaking out!!

Perhaps I should have said this earlier, so forgive me if I’ve gotten ahead of myself.

When planning a vacation, of any kind, no matter the budget, the key is to remain calm and not get overwhelmed.

This is, after all, a vacation. I don’t get to take vacation as often as I would like to. If I can make the planning fun, it’s like the vacation lasts longer. It’s not the same, I won’t pretend to say that it is.

Try to enjoy every part of the process and look forward to it. Why would you want to take a vacation which is annoying or a pain? I wouldn’t, I know that.

Just relax. If what you’re doing is too big or overwhelming, break it down into smaller sections, if you can, or ask for help. This is supposed to be fun, remember? There is no “right” way to plan a vacation, and there is no “right” vacation. It’s ok. You’re fine.

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